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For a Skilled, Friendly, and Fully Licensed Plumber, Look No Further than LAPC.

At LA Plumbing Company, we’re the local plumbing contractors you can trust for any service. We work with both commercial and residential plumbing systems, and can address any repairs, installations, scheduled maintenance needs, or inspections. The expertise of our licensed, certified plumber team enables us to take on problems as large as burst water mains and obstructed sewer lines, or as small as dripping faucets and clogged shower drains. We can also service gas lines, repair or install water heaters, and provide solutions for cleaner, healthier water in your home or business.

Our affordable pricing, reliability, and exceptional work have all contributed to the growth of our reputation. We understand that you need reliable plumbing in your home or business, so we go above and beyond in the fulfillment of your needs. We also always keep our appointments, and will never leave you in the dark as to why we haven't arrived. When it comes to preparedness, we come fully equipped to work, so we never have to leave a job unfinished. Whenever you find yourself in need of a plumber in Torrance, CA, dial (424) 201-0202 for LA Plumbing Company. Our team will never disappoint, and stands ready for your service.

Five Things to Consider for a Plumber in Torrance, CA

There are many qualities that make for a superb plumbing contractor. When you trust LA Plumbing Company for your plumbing needs, you can rest assured of our possession of all of them. Though some of our competitors may have more years in business, no one can compete with our dependability or quality workmanship. We work hard for our clients, and never make temporary fixes with an eye on another service call in a couple weeks. Instead, we earn our return clients the old-fashioned way: with exceptional work that stands the test of time. The next time you need a plumber, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do They Have Experience with a Wide Variety of Plumbing Needs and Systems?
  • Are They Fully Licensed and Certified for the state of California?
  • Are They Actually Local, and Do They Have the Web Presence to Back This Up?
  • Will They Arrive When Their Customers Need, Regardless of the Hour?
  • Are They Full-Service Plumbers Equipped for Any Issue?

At LA Plumbing Company, we can proudly answer in the affirmative for all these questions. 

1. Experienced Plumbers

A Plumber Has Finished a Complex-Looking Water Heater Installation

Our Plumbers Can Address Any Need.

We have five years experience as LA Plumbing Company, the company we created to serve any plumbing need for our local clientele. Our background and training provide us with the qualifications and knowledge needed to address any plumbing issue, for residential and commercial clients alike. While some plumbers may have decades in the business, time doesn’t fix a bad work ethic, poor customer service, or limited talent. In fact, time can actually exacerbate these problems. The team at LA Plumbing Company can perform any plumbing service you could possibly need. Not only that, but we work with enthusiasm and a smile, because we appreciate the trust that our clients place in us.

2. Licensed, Certified Plumbing Professionals

For any type of plumbing work, you must make positively sure that the contractor you choose has full licensing in your area, along with certification to perform your service need. If you live or work in or around Torrance, CA, you can put these concerns aside when you hire LA Plumbing Company. We are fully licensed in the state of California for our full complement of plumbing services. Not only that, but we have the training certifications to ensure quality work on plumbing, gas lines, and water treatment systems.

3. Local Plumbers with a Strong Web Presence

The last thing you want in a plumbing professional is a lack of ties to your local community. Many fly-by-night plumbers will establish themselves in an area, take advantage of their clients through shoddy work, then change the name of their company or relocate to avoid repercussions. At LA Plumbing Company, we are deeply entrenched in the wider Los Angeles community, and always do right by our customers. In fact, we consider our clients as neighbors and friends, and work hard to earn their esteem. Additionally, we have the web presence on review sites and elsewhere to showcase our superb reputation as LA-area plumbers.

4. Availability as a 24 Hour Plumber

The nature of their availability serves as another important qualifier for a plumbing professional. You want a trusted plumber who can serve as a long-term partner for all your plumbing-related needs, whether they are residential or commercial in nature. We cannot overstate 24-hour availability as a quality to look for, because it showcases a true concern for customer needs. Plumbing issues operate on no timetable, nor do they respect regular business hours. If you ever find yourself dealing with a burst pipe at 3AM, or overflowing drains on Thanksgiving, you don’t want to choose a name at random from Google. Instead, you want an established relationship with a plumber you already trust. At LA Plumbing Company, we maintain 24-hour availability for this very reason, and are proud to provide emergency service for our residential and commercial clients.

5. Comprehensive Plumber Repair Service

A Plumber Has Completed the Install of a Tankless Water Heater.

For Any Type of Service or Install, Trust Our Team.

Along with 24-hour availability, you want to make sure that your plumbing professional of choice can handle any problem your pipes throw at them. It’s not uncommon for a plumber to show up at a job, only to confront issues in excess of the original repair need. For example, a plumber could arrive to service a clogged toilet, only to discover an obstruction in your home’s sewer line. When incidents like this occur, the last thing you want is for the contractor to a.) pretend they didn’t find the wider problem, and provide only a superficial repair; or b.) throw up their hands and depart, leaving you stuck with your clogged toilet and in need of further service. At LA Plumbing Company, we arrive not only fully equipped to deal with your issue, but have the experience and training to address any other problem that might appear.

Your Dependable, Local Plumbing Solution

At LA Plumbing Company, we’re the local service provider for any plumbing issue you might encounter. In addition to our comprehensive services for residential and commercial plumbing, we can also repair and install water heaters, service gas lines, and install or perform maintenance for water filtration and water softener systems. As the top-tier choice for a plumber in Torrance, CA, you’ll find no better option than LA Plumbing Company. To learn more about our company or services, schedule a time for work, or request emergency assistance, call us anytime at (424) 201-0202.

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

The team at LA Plumbing Company stands prepared to perform exceptional work for any type of plumbing service you could need. We can resolve any typical leak or clog, and can also perform more involved procedures, such as the repair of clogged sewer lines. Our drain cleaning service can both resolve existing issues, and prevent new ones from occurring. Also, we’re always available to serve our clients, and maintain 24-hour availability for emergencies.

  • Emergency Plumber Regardless of the hour or day, our team stands ready to perform emergency plumbing services.
  • Drain Cleaning Services With drain cleaning, you can avert the formation of new clogs, and also resolve existing ones.
  • Plumbing Repair Whether for a sewer line, leaking pipe, slab leak, or any other type of repair, we’re the plumbers to choose.

Water Heater Repair

Water Heater Repair

If you have any issues with your water heater, call our team for service. We can handle repair needs for any problem, including fluctuating temperatures, leaks, and low water pressure. We can also perform service on any type of heater, including gas, electric, and tankless models. If you need water heater installation, we’re the professional to trust with this, as well. You should additionally make sure to schedule water heater maintenance on an annual basis to prolong the life of your machine.

Gas Line Repair

Gas Line Repair

Like most plumbers, we also handle repairs for gas lines. Unlike most plumbers, we have just as much expertise with this service as we do for our work with pipes. If you ever suspect a gas line leak, leave your house and call for immediate assistance. Our team of professionals does excellent work with repairs, and can also install new lines and make connections to any appliances. If you need a pressure test for your own peace of mind, or to restore your gas service, look no further than LA Plumbing Company.