What is Repiping A Home?

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Your home comes with an intricate system of pipework that will provide you with water, gas and more for your residential home or commercial business. Depending on your piping materials you can expect your piping system to react differently to a range of conditions and the effects of time. There may come a time where leaks arise from loosened connections or when soil can cause corrosion of piping material. In such cases where age or damages are too severe to continue optimal pipe use, repiping services are employed as a solution. There are various types of piping materials from repiping a house with PVC , CPVC, PEX, copper, galvanized steel and more. In order to get the best, updated piping materials for your repiping be sure to contact a skilled plumber for more information.

What does Repipe mean?

Repiping is a term that implies replacing either the inner lining or entire body of a pipe system be it for a building, centrifuge, oil or gas.

How much does it cost to Repipe your house?

Repiping a house will depend on the extent of the job being done, the size of the home as well as material and labor costs. For a 1,500 sq foot sq bedroom home with copper piping, you can expect a range of $8,000-$10,000 while PEX would be $4,000-$6,000. Be sure to ask a professional plumber for a repiping estimate in order to see which materials would be more cost-effective for you.

Does Repiping a house add value?

Repiping a house can improve the water pressure of the house and will increase the value and appeal of the property as it signifies that there won’t be future headaches. 

Should I use PEX or copper?

PEX pipe materials will not degrade over time like copper nor burst from freezing water. PEX is able to withstand lower temperatures because they don’t have a high PSI rating as copper has. What’s more, PEX is cheaper and easier to install without as many pipe fitting materials as copper has.

What does repiping a house entail?

A repiping job will typically entail an intrusive project done on your house that can last 3-5 days depending on the size of the job. At that time a plumber will make sure that your water services can continue for most of the time. What happens first is that repiping workers will begin by covering up the floors and furniture where work may damage them with dust and water. After this only small cuts to drywall and ceilings will be made relevant to the location of where pipes are to be removed. For pipes in the floor plumbers will typically access them through the ceiling below. Older pipes will then be detached and replaced with PEX, CPVC or PVC repiping. If additional lines are requested to expand the service then they will be added at this time. Once the pipes have been replaced than plumbers will restore and repatch any cuts made and re-texture them in such a way that they look untouched.

Modern Industrial Blue Metal Pipeline

Repiping PEX vs CPVC

PEX and CPVC are two kinds of water pipes that are made of plastic and most often used in piping for homes today versus the copper or galvanized pipes used in the past. 



  • More Flexible
  • Complete Connections
  • Watertight
  • Air Testing Safe
  • Easier to Install


  • More Rigid
  • More Joints & Fittings
  • Requires Bonding Tubing & Fittings
  • Air Testing Dangerous
  • More Specific Installations

When should you Repipe a house?

A house should undergo repiping after 50 years have passed. Most pipes installed in the past are known to corrode and burst when they reach a ripe old age (like with galvanized steel or copper which were used in the 1940s-1960s.) Another instance where repiping should be implemented are when the water in your home is showing low water pressures. This could be due to many factors yet if the cause is due to such instances as them closing up to rust or mineral building than a replacement is necessary. In cases of rust, you may see your water changing color due to rust breaking off of the piping material and infiltrating your water. When you see that your water is brown or red the quality of your water will be tainted and need to be purified as with air purification for the good of your health. As rust and corrosion are damages that can’t be reversed it’s important to get newer piping materials through repiping. Finally, in cases of multiple pipe leaks, you can expect that something is wrong overall with your piping system. In order to save on water costs, it’s recommended to investigate or get an inspection to make sure that there are no deeper lying issues like slab leaks or a moving foundation that can aggravate even future piping materials. 

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