Repiping Services

New Copper Pipes Connected to Water Heater

Make Sure That You Choose a Durable Material for Your New Pipes!

Thanks to the durable nature of piping products, many plumbing systems may go 50 to 60 years without needing a full replacement. However, there eventually comes a time in every plumbing system’s life cycle where patch jobs simply aren’t cost-effective anymore. Breakdowns become more frequent and grow increasingly expensive, especially when water spills out into the house. 

That’s why our team at LA Plumbing Company offers timely plumbing repiping in Torrance, CA. If your family or local business continually struggles with pipe bursts, constant leaks, and other frustrating problems, talk about it with any of our seasoned plumbers. They will be more than happy to examine your system and determine if repiping is the best choice for you! Call (424) 201-0202 today and schedule your consultation.

Is it Time for Repiping?

People sometimes ask our plumbers how to tell whether or not the time for repiping has come. We recommend considering both the age and condition of the pipes. The materials typically used for plumbing have standard estimated lifetimes. For instance, PVC pipes have a projected lifespan of up to 50 years. Copper pipes may last even longer than that, unless the local water is particularly acidic. 

If your home or business relies on steel pipes installed in the 60’s (for instance), repiping is probably the best course of action. The condition of the plumbing system should also be taken into consideration. Heavily rusted pipes not only run a higher risk of spontaneously rupturing, they also put your water appliances in danger. 

What are My Options?

When it comes to replacing your pipes, it comes down to timing and material choice. There are many piping products available on the market, including copper, galvanized steel, brass, and PVC. Our experts at LA Plumbing Company would be happy to provide more information about the various pros and cons of each option. 

Arrange a consultation with one of our professionals and tell us about your plumbing situation. While Torrance, CA repiping service is generally not something you want to put off for too long, our team works to find as convenient a time for your project as possible. Want to learn more? Give us a call today at (424) 201-0202!