Trenchless Main Pipe Repair

With Very Little Digging Required, Trenchless Main Line Repair Saves Time and Money.

You’ve put countless hours of hard work, sweat, and back pain into caring for your yard. Now imagine all of that hard work going up in smoke as a backhoe tears up the length of the yard. Unfortunately, many homeowners face this harsh reality when they experience a break in the main water line. Reckless plumbers charge in and dig up the entire yard to locate and fix the damage. 

At LA Plumbing Company, we don’t want you to face the anguish of unnecessary yard trenching. That’s why we offer our Torrance, CA trenchless main line repair service! With very little digging required, our plumbers install a powerful repair solution inside your existing pipe. This process saves hours of labor and spares your yard from the trenching nightmare. To learn more about this alluring alternative, contact our specialists at (424) 201-0202!

What is Trenchless Repair?

This repair solution works for both main line and sewer line repair. Our professionals first start by identifying the extent of the damage in your main line. Our plumbing cameras allow us to examine the line to determine how widespread the trauma is within the pipe. If it’s fairly isolated, we can usually perform trenchless repair.

We cut two small holes in the pipe and insert a special liner. Once the resin-coated liner fits into place, we inflate it until it adheres to the walls of the damaged pipe. This simultaneously plugs the hole and reinforces the pipe. Afterwards, we simply test the line to ensure proper install, then recover both ends of the pipe.

Is Trenchless Repair for Me?

Our plumbers will gladly consult with you (after examining the line) on whether repair or replacement best fits your needs. Pipes with extensive damage should be replaced, not repaired. Otherwise your water line would only break down again and leak into your yard, creating an expensive second project.

Why don’t you contact one of our local plumbers and ask about trenchless main line repair in Torrance, CA? We’ll gladly arrange a checkup that’s convenient for your schedule. Simply contact our team at (424) 201-0202 to get started!