Slab Leak Location and Repair Service

Damage from a Slab Leak That Has Created the Need for Slab Leak Repair

Slab Leaks Cause Serious Damage, and Make Rapid Slab Leak Repair a Necessity.

Pipes buried beneath the ground must deal with the vicissitudes of soil movement. Sometimes, especially in areas prone to earthquakes, these natural shifts can strain piping to the point of cracks or breakage. In either case, if the pipes exist beneath your home’s slab foundation, you will need to confront the creation of a slab leak. A highly problematic issue, slab leaks can do a great deal of damage, and even flood your home. At LA Plumbing Company, we offer specialized service for leak detection and slab leak repair. A house with a pier-and-beam foundation has accessible plumbing, thanks to the existence of a crawl space beneath the home. Leaks that occur with this type of foundation are easy to locate and repair.

While accessible plumbing stands as one benefit of pier-and-beam foundations, the economy of concrete foundations has made them a common choice in our area. Slab foundations are not only cheaper and easier to build, they sit lower to the ground for easy entry into a home. These benefits aside, the potential for slab leaks stands as a serious disadvantage. Thankfully, you can mitigate this problem through an awareness of slab leak symptoms. It also helps to have a plumber you can call for rapid plumbing repairs. At LA Plumbing Company, we are your local expert for slab leak repair in Torrance, CA. To schedule service, give us a call at (424) 201-0202.

What Is a Slab Leak?

Slab leaks are a serious issue that demand a timely resolution. A slab leak typically occurs because of either piping that has grown too old, or shifts in the soil. A home's primary plumbing elements divide it into two different sides. The first is called the pressure side of a home, and describes that which contains the main water line. The other side of the home is called the drainage side, thanks to the presence of the sewer line. Though easier to repair and locate, pressure side leaks can do extensive damage in a short period of time.

Leaks on the drainage side present an opposing set of problems. Drainage slab leaks cause less damage, thanks to reduced water pressure, but are much harder to locate. Whereas pressure leaks announce themselves quickly, drainage leaks can go on for a very long time before detection. This prolonged, undisturbed activity can create the ideal environment for mold proliferation, and also provides a steady water source to lure termites and other pests.

Slab Leak Symptoms

Damage to Flooring That Indicates the Need for Slab Leak Repair.

Unexplained Damage to Your Flooring Can Indicate a Slab Leak.

The last two consequences described above, mold and pest infestation, serve as primary slab leak symptoms. There actually exist quite a few signs of slab leaks, if you know what to look for. If your home sits on a slab foundation, you should familiarize yourself with the following set of indicators. This awareness becomes even more important if you have an older home. Slab leaks announce themselves in the following ways.

  • Sudden Increases in Your Water Bill
  • Sounds of Running Water When Every Tap Is Closed
  • Mildew or Moisture Beneath Carpeting
  • Movement on the Water Meter When Every Tap Is Closed
  • Standing Water Around Your Home’s Perimeter
  • Poor Water Pressure
  • Development of Cracks in Baseboards and Walls
  • Warm, Damp Floors
  • Smell of Mold or Mildew

As a homeowner, you should always keep an eye on your water bill. Even if no other visible symptoms exist for a leak, it will still announce itself through a higher water bill. Warm floors also serve as a common hint, since most people will notice them through everyday activity. Thankfully, these two signs serve as passive indicators of a major problem. If they or any of the other preceding signs appear, call a trusted plumbing company like LA Plumbing Company. We’re always available for the resolution of slab leaks, so don’t hesitate to call (424) 201-0202 should you suspect a problem.

Slab Leak Detection

Slab Leak Repair in Progress with an Excavation.

The Repair of Slab Leaks Can Require Excavation of Your Plumbing.

At LA Plumbing Company, we are experts on the detection of slab leaks, and can even find drainage side leaks easily and quickly. Regardless of its location, any slab leak demands immediate resolution. At LA Plumbing Company, we are experienced professionals armed with modern, advanced equipment. The type of tools commonly used to detect slab leaks include:

  • Electronic Amplification Equipment: Listening tool to hear underground leaks.
  • Electronic Pipeline Indicators: These can reveal the layout of underground pipe systems.
  • Gas Tracer Systems: Useful for areas with too much background noise, and for deep leaks.
  • Video Pipe Inspection Cameras: Used for the visual inspection of pipes with an entry point.

This advanced equipment would accomplish little in the hands of someone untrained in its use. Of course, our skilled, experienced plumbers have the training for optimal employment of their tools. Our plumbers also provide one more tool you can’t find elsewhere: heightened intuition and the benefits of many years’ experience. If a slab leak exists beneath your home, the team at LA Plumbing Company will find it.

The Premier Choice Among Slab Leak Repair Options

When we receive a call for a slab leak repair job, we make it a top priority. We understand fully well how destructive these leaks can be, and how they have the potential to render not only flood damage, but also compromise your home’s foundation. To protect your home investment, make sure you can recognize the signs of a slab leak. From there, all you have to do is dial (424) 201-0202. At LA Plumbing Company, we’re the premier providers for slab leak repair in Torrance, CA.