Repair Services for Leaking Pipes

A Burst Copper Pipe in Need of Leaking Pipe Repair

Copper Pipes That Succumb to Water Pressure Necessitate Leaking Pipe Repair.

As dedicated, professional plumbers, our expert team has extensive experience dealing with leaking pipes. We have a great appreciation for the damage that a leak, even a small or pinhole leak, can cause. Because of this, we make sure to respond rapidly to any call for leaking pipe repair. Once we arrive, you can count on the quick detection of hidden leaks, along with quality, thorough repairs. At LA Plumbing Company, we aim to save clients as much money as possible when it comes time to repair the damage afflicted through a leak. Since this requires an early awareness of the problem, we aim to educate our clients on the signs and symptoms of leaking pipes.

Often, a client will not call for leak repair until something drastic occurs, like pooling water in their basement or kitchen, or the appearance of a water stain. By this point, the leak has already accomplished a great deal of damage behind walls or under floors. Homeowners that can catch a leak early in its development will spare themselves expensive repairs. As soon as you recognize a wter leak, make sure to give our team a call at (424) 201-0202. For a fast solution for leaking pipe repair in Torrance, CA, reach out to the expert team at LA Plumbing Company.

Water Leak Repair

Most plumbers will mentally divide your home into two halves. The first, the pressure side, is the one closest to your main water line, and includes all the pipes that deliver clean water to your faucets and bathroom fixtures. The other half, known as the drainage side, centers on your sewer line and includes all the drainage pipes. If you have a leak on the drainage side, then you’re dealing, at best, with the so-called “grey water” that runs down your sink and shower drains. At worst, a drainage pipe repair job will involve “black water”. Black water is hazardous to your health, and for a home would signify the waste that drains from your toilet or main sewer line.

Pressure side leaks do not involve either gray or black water. Instead, the leaks emit “white water”, the name for water that is sanitary and safe to consume. Your water line connects to the municipal main line to deliver white water to your home. Despite its cleanliness, white water can do an impressive amount of damage to a home or yard. Water damage also represents one of the more difficult types of damage to effectively repair. A primary reason for this comes from the proliferation of mold. Every home has mold spores, but they only begin to proliferate in the presence of moisture that, most often, comes from a leaking pipe.

Signs for Leaking Pipe Repair

To prevent the growth of persistent mold and other types of damage, you need to take care of leaks promptly. This means you must recognize the signs of water leaks, wherever they occur.

The most common signs of in-home water leaks include:

  • Inexplicably High Water Bills
  • A Water Meter That Never Stops Turning
  • Unexplained Puddles of Water
  • Peeling Paint on a Wall
  • Musty Odor
  • The Sound of Trickling Water

To address these issues rapidly, call our team at (424) 201-0202. If the leak threatens to do serious damage before our arrival, make sure to activate your water shut-off. You can typically find this valve at the point where your main water pipe contacts to the rest of your plumbing.

Main Water Pipe Repair

Blue Burst Water Line in Need of Leaking Pipe Repair

A Burst Water Line Can Quickly Flood a Yard.

On the subject of main water pipes, a homeowner should hope that they never have to deal with a leak or burst line. Statistically speaking, however, every homeowner will at some point confront a major plumbing issue such as this. Any size leak from a main water pipe is serious. Pinhole leaks, though small in size, will often escape detection and cost you an arm and leg on your water bill. Bigger leaks can easily ruin landscaping, and a burst water pipe can flood your yard and transform it into a swamp. With these types of leaks, it becomes even more important to recognize what signifies trouble.

Specific indicators of a main water pipe leak include:

  • Water in the Street
  • Water in Your Yard
  • Low Water Pressure

Water in the street can indicate a problem at the point of connection between your water pipe and the municipal line. It can also indicate a problem with the municipal line itself, which is a huge issue. If you can determine that the source of the leak is actually not part of your home’s plumbing, you need to call your city’s water department immediately. Water in a yard that lacks irrigation almost certainly indicates a main water line leak. This warrants an emergency call for fast action to prevent flooding. Low water pressure can occur when water intended for your faucet or shower escapes from the main line. Leak issue aside, low water pressure is annoying, and most homeowners want it resolved as quickly as possible. Of course, general signs of any water leak, such as a running meter and high water bills, can occur with a main line leak.

Trenchless Pipe Repair

If you have a leak in your water line, you will naturally fear for the condition of your yard. While a leak can leave things soggy, traditional pipe repair can downright ruin a lawn. This will occur thanks to the need for excavation. In previous decades, there simply existed no other means to repair underground pipes. Today, however, you can count on the benefits of trenchless pipe repair. This revolutionary process involves only a small amount of digging: two holes, one at either side of the pipeline. If you have a leak, these holes allow for the insertion of a pipe liner. Pipe liners cover the interior of your pipe, and not only address a current leak, but make future ones less likely to occur.

If your water line has burst or contains several leaks, you will need to replace that stretch of piping. The trenchless method for this is called “pipe bursting”. With pipe bursting, skilled plumbers will insert a replacement stretch of pipe that destroys the old as it settles in for replacement. At LA Plumbing Company, we proudly offer both of these trenchless services, and will employ them instead of excavation whenever possible.

Types of Water Pipe Leak Repair

A Water Meter, Which Can Indicate the Need for Leaking Pipe Repair.

A Water Meter That Continually Runs Indicates a Water Leak.

Your home plumbing system could consist of a variety of different types of piping. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, and can benefit from different leaking pipe repair techniques. At LA Plumbing Company, we service any kind of piping, and will quickly and efficiently conduct the leaking pipe repair that you need.

Copper Pipe Leak Repair: Copper pipes provide a popular means to distribute white water around your house. Though quality copper piping is highly dependable, the material will eventually corrode to spring pinhole leaks. Used on the pressure side of your house as a supply line, copper pipes have the strength to resist serious water pressure. They can also typically last for 50 years or more. Despite this durability, you should remain cautious of copper piping in an older home. Copper will eventually corrode, after all, and begin to spring the aforementioned pinhole leaks.

PVC Pipe Leak Repair: PVC is typically used as a drain line. Commonly used to replace older, metal piping, PVC is highly durable, strong, and cheap. Additionally, PVC pipes can last practically forever, and will almost certainly outlast the other elements of your piping.

PEX Pipe Repair: PEX pipes have become a common replacement for old or corroded copper piping. PEX is a kind of plastic that works wonders as a plumbing pipe. PEX is very economical, thanks to both its manufacturing and shipping methods. It also resists the buildup of minerals from hard water, and will not corrode from highly acidic water. Very flexible, it requires fewer fittings, a trait that creates less propensity for leaks.

Your Source for Pipe Leak Repair

Whether you need pvc pipe repair, copper pipe repair, or some other kind of leaking pipe repair, LA Plumbing Company represents an excellent choice for service. As master plumbers, we’ve seen and done it all, and can successfully address any type of damage to your plumbing. To learn more about our company or schedule service from the top provider of leaking pipe repair in Torrance, CA, call (424) 201-0202 today.