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Garbage disposals provide an invaluable function, in that they aid in both dish washing and food disposal, and help prevent the development of clogs. These devices install directly under the sink, between the basin and the drain, and typically rely on an everyday electrical plug to function. When items enter into the disposal, the flick of a switch causes a bevy of blades to rotate and shred anything that travels down the drain. This function processes food scraps into pieces small enough to travel down the drain line. At LA Plumbing Company, we offer professional installation and garbage disposal repair services. To schedule work, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (424) 201-0202.

Believe it or not, in addition to a garbage disposal’s practical convenience, these devices also help the environment. The average household generates a lot of waste, up to 20 percent of which is comprised of leftover food. When thrown into the garbage, leftover food will, of course, begin to rot. This creates sanitation problems, and adds to the amount of waste that simply decomposes in landfills. As it decomposes, organic food waste releases a large amount of methane, a toxic greenhouse gas. Since food waste is generally 70 percent water, a garbage disposal can render it suitable for passage into the sewer. At LA Plumbing Company, we respect what these devices can accomplish, and stand as your local expert for installation of garbage disposal repair in Torrance, CA.

Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation

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After you place food down your garbage disposal, the waste travels to the water treatment plant. These facilities can effectively render processed food to prevent the necessity of its disposal in a landfill. This, in turn, lessens the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere on a daily basis. Because of this valuable effect, it becomes all the more important to keep your garbage disposal in good repair. At LA Plumbing Company, we pride ourselves on the service we render for garbage disposals. Our skilled technicians can help you choose the right device for your home, and also provide installation services. While some homeowners may try to install garbage disposals on their own, this can lead to both safety and operational concerns. With installation from one of our professionals, you can save yourself this effort and worry, and know for certain that your device benefited from an ideal setup.

Do’s and Don’ts of Garbage Disposal Ownership

Garbage disposals, despite their presence in almost half of American homes, are often used incorrectly. Many people simply don't know what characteristics make something unsafe to put down the disposal. The belief that egg shells can benefit a disposal is badly misguided. In reality, egg shells will only create problems for your plumbing. Shells will transform into a sand-like substance that settles in pipes. Shells will typically not get past the p-trap, thankfully, though they will contribute to the formation of a clog.

Of course, you should never place a non-food item down your disposal. Garbage disposals are meant to only process organic waste, and if you try anything else, you’ll only damage the disposal and create a clog. Additionally, while most foods are perfectly safe to place down a disposal, some are not. The following list of foods contains items that commonly create problems for garbage disposals.

  • Bones
  • Fibrous Foods, Like Celery, Corn Husks, and Asparagus
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Fruit Pits
  • Grease and Oil
  • Pasta and Rice
  • Potato Peels and Beans

Replace Garbage Disposal Indicators

Regardless of the care you take with its use, a garbage disposal will eventually need replacement. After all, like any other mechanical device, a garbage disposal has moving parts that will eventually wear out. If your device has begun to approach its inevitable end, it will begin to display certain symptoms. Stay aware of these signs, and you can schedule the installation of a replacement to avoid a lapse in service.

Frequent Clogs: If you disposal clogs on a regular basis, make sure you’re not attempting to process food items from the above list. You can also try cutting food waste into smaller bits, and running water while the disposal does its work. If it still clogs, then you need a replacement. You should also make sure that you have the correct size disposal, and don’t require a larger unit.

Frequent Resets: You may need to hit the reset button in the event of a clog to restore functionality. If you find yourself hitting reset on a regular basis, however, you likely have a failing motor.

Persistent Odor: There exist a few different ways to cleanse your disposal of odors. You may allow it to grind citrus peels, for example, or process ice cubes. You can also place a small amount of dish soap down the disposal. If none of these methods eradicates a bad odor, there is likely something trapped within the disposal. In this is the case, replacement represents the only option.

Dull Blades: If your disposal simply doesn’t do a good job, or takes a long time to process things, the blades have probably dulled. This presents a good opportunity to get a new unit.

Leaks: While a skilled technician can fix many types of leaks in a garbage disposal, some simply require too much effort. Instead of paying for an expensive repair, you should just buy a new unit.

Need Leaking Garbage Disposal Repair?

If you’ve found yourself dealing with any of the problems described above, reach out to the team at LA Plumbing Company. We can not only install your next garbage disposal, we can make sure that you’ve chosen a model appropriate for your needs. For the regional experts for plumbing services and garbage disposal repair in Torrance, CA, call LA Plumbing Company today at (424) 201-0202.