Emergency Plumbing Services

A Flooded Living Room Has Created the Need for an Emergency Plumber.

We’re Available Day and Night to Serve as Your Emergency Plumber.

Plumbing disasters have no respect for regular business hours. As a matter of fact, it can almost seem like they wait until it’s 3AM, or the middle of the afternoon on a Sunday or holiday, before they occur. Regardless of the time of day or year, however, when a burst pipe begins to flood your bathroom, you need a dependable emergency plumber. At LA Plumbing Company, we gladly fulfill this need for our clientele. Whatever the time of day or night, we’re the emergency plumber that stands ready to answer your call for service.

Many people wonder what counts as a plumbing emergency. Broadly speaking, anything that feels like an emergency probably deserves the benefit of immediate service We understand that you depend on your plumbing for the requirements of daily life. Obviously, you need clean water to survive; but you additionally need hot water for your morning shower before work, a toilet that flushes, and a washing machine that doesn’t flood your basement. For the resolution of these or any other plumbing emergency, call (424) 201-0202. LA Plumbing Company stands as the go-to emergency plumber for Torrance, CA.

Emergency Plumbing Service

Plumbers may advertise emergency services, but have neither the personnel or willpower to arrive at any time, day or night. At LA Plumbing Company, we never advertise services we cannot ably provide. Our emergency technicians will answer the call for help whenever it arrives. We also provide the same level of expert workmanship and professional courtesy for emergencies as we do for any plumbing situation.

Our team arrives fully equipped to deal with any issue, and will not need to delay repairs to order parts or retrieve tools. Whether you have a burst pipe, persistent clog, flooding, or other issue, you can count on our capabilities. If a leak has flooded your home, but you do not know its source, we can also quickly locate the trouble for complete repairs. Whether you own a home or commercial property, we can handle anything that your plumbing may throw at us.

What Counts as an Emergency Plumbing Repair?

Burst Pipe That Has Created the Need for an Emergency Plumber

A Burst Pipe Provides an Obvious Reason to Call for an Emergency Plumber.

Customers commonly wonder what type of plumbing issues count as emergency repair needs. Put simply, if you consider it an emergency, then so do we. There are several problems that commonly elicit the need for emergency repairs, however. If any of the following occurs at your home or business, feel free to call us for help at any hour.

Serious Clogs: A clog in your bathtub, shower drain, sink, or toilet can situationally call for emergency repair. If the clog has totally obstructed your line, to the extent that water simply stands in your sink, shower, or toilet, give us a call anytime. These types of clogs are not just inconvenient, but can also threaten your piping through an accumulation of pressure. If the clog is in your toilet, it can also represent a sanitary concern.

Leaks: Serious leaks also present a common reason for emergency service. A leaking faucet or toilet can quickly render water damage to your floor or cabinetry, so feel free to give us a call should the leak appear particularly substantial. A leaking water heater or washer can become an even more serious concern, considering the amount of water these devices utilize.

Burst or Broken Pipes: Burst or broken pipes stand as a clear reason for emergency plumbing services. Whether in your basement, walls, or front yard, burst pipes can waste a great deal of water, and quickly create structural damage and the need for extensive clean-up. If you suspect a burst or broken line, but do not know its exact location, you can count on our technician for quick detection.

No Hot Water: Hot water is more than a privilege, and represents an actual necessity for the proper function of a home. Whether used for your morning shower, to wash clothes, or do dishes, you need hot water for many of life’s most important daily tasks. If your water heater has failed, don’t worry over whether it counts as an emergency. Instead, give us a call right away for quick, reliable service.

Sewage Overflow: An overflow of sewage from an interior drain represents perhaps the most obvious of plumbing emergencies. This can occur when a sewer blockage has become so severe, that waste not only fails to pass into the municipal system, but piles up until it reaches your interior drains. A situation like this is not only unpleasant, but stands as a genuine health concern.

Local 24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service

At LA Plumbing Company, we proudly provide for the full spectrum of emergency plumbing needs. From burst pipes to overflowing drains, we have the experience, tools, and knowledge necessary to correct any plumbing crisis. The next time you need an emergency plumber in Torrance, CA, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Day or night, over the weekend or in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner, we’re the team that will respond to your need. To learn more or request service, give us a call at (424) 201-0202.