A Very Clean Pipe Interior

Find a More Long-Term Solution For Cleaning Out Your Drain Line With Hydro-Jetting!

Do you have problems with clogs that simply return time and time again after cleanings? Residue, mineral deposits, and other substances have a tendency to pile up inside your sewer line after so many years. Some homeowners even have tree roots invade the sewer line and completely clog up the pipe. Now you could try to clear away the grime with a snaking service, but many homeowners only witness their problems come back again.

Why not try something stronger? At LA Plumbing Company, our hydro-jetting service produces lasting results against even the toughest of muck. Clients see their sewer lines remain clear for many years. This service also makes it much easier to render repairs in the event of a leak. Contact our local experts today at (424) 201-0202 and ask about hydro-jetting in Torrance, CA.

The Hydro-Jetting Process

Our seasoned plumbers start by finding an ideal entry point into the sewer line. This might be the cleanout in the side yard. The process utilizes a long hose that looks similar to a snake, but provides very different results. Instead of flailing against the gunk accumulated in the sewer, the nozzle end attacks the blockage with a powerful water blast.

The pressure per square inch (psi) is so intense, the hydro-jetter actually clears out hardened tree roots that snaking can’t eliminate. The high pressure washing also cleans away the gunk that clings to the lining of the pipe, which is why clogs take much, much longer to reform. Afterwards, the pipe is clear enough to examine with a sewer line camera (if necessary).

Should I Schedule Hydro-Jetting?

If frequent snaking doesn’t seem to put a dent in those tough sewer clogs, hydro-jetting may be a good alternative. Our plumbers often use our Torrance, CA hydro-jetting service prior to examining a sewer line for damages. It pays to have a clean pipe interior when preparing for trenchless repairs.

Want to get a quote for your hydro-jetting service? Call our local LA Plumbing Company experts at (424) 201-0202 to arrange your estimate!