Drain Repair Service

Woman Attempting Drain Repair with a Plunger.

Plungers Can Damage Pipes, so Make Sure to Call for Professional Drain Repair.

Drain repair creates one of the most common needs for plumbing services that we encounter. At LA Plumbing Company, we offer specialized drain repair services to get things flowing again. When it comes to specific repair needs, you may encounter both localized drain issues, and also comprehensive problems that affect things around your home. These problems require different tactics and demand specialized expertise from your repair resource provider. Thankfully, LA Plumbing Company offers a one-stop solution for any type of drain issue you might possible have.

In addition to drain repair, we also offer drain cleaning as another of our specialized services. Even a small clog has the potential to become a serious issue. They usually begin with sluggish drains, and as the situation worsens, you'll eventually find yourself with standing water in your sink or tub. The next step in a clog's evolution is drain overflow, where backed up sewage rises into your home. You can avoid this situation altogether if you call (424) 201-0202 at the first sign of a clog. At LA Plumbing Company, we're the regional experts for drain repair in Torrance, CA.

Our Drain Pipe Repair Services

For any drain pipe repair, LA Plumbing Company is the team to trust. We have a range of solutions for drain repairs, and in most cases will have your lines flowing again in no time. For more serious drain issues, such as a clog or obstruction in your sewer line, we have the equipment and know-how to make repairs that spare the destruction of your yard. Our ability to offer such a broad range of drain solutions comes from the experience of our exceptional team. Over our years in this business, we’ve seen and done it all in regards to drain repair. Whether you own a home, or have problems with the drains at your business, keep our number handy for fast, effective service.

Paper Towels That Created the Need for Drain Repair.

Paper Towels Are a Common Source of Clogged Drains.

Localized problems within specific drains have varied sources around your home. If you need shower drain repair, for example, you might have a clog from the accumulation of soap scum and hair. Kitchen sink drain repair, on the other hand, usually relates to food waste caught somewhere in the line. The causes of sink or bathtub drain repair needs are generally as follows:

  • Bathroom Sink Drain Repairs: Hair, toothpaste, and soap scum are the most common sources of clogs in your bathroom sink.
  • Kitchen Sink Drain Repairs: Food waste and soap scum are the usual culprits. Certain food waste, such as coffee grounds, oil, and grease, can create especially nasty clogs.
  • Shower and Tub Drain Repairs: Hair and soap scum combine to create the typical shower or tub drain clog.

Signs You Need Drain Repair

Regardless of the location or variety of your drain issues, you can count on a couple of typical indicators. As soon as your encounter one of these signs, pick up the phone and call (424) 201-0202. The consequences of clogged or otherwise problematic drains can escalate quickly, and create the need for more expensive damage repairs.

Comprehensively Sluggish Drains: If every drain in your house seems to have suddenly developed drainage issues, then you most likely have a problem in your sewer line. Every drain in your home flows into a centralized sewer line, which typically runs beneath your backyard to connect to the municipal sewer. Sewer line clogs can become quite serious, so do not delay your call for help.

A Clogged P Trap Can Create the Need for Drain Repair.

P-Traps Are the Typical Location for Localized Clogs.

Bad Smells: If you have a clog in one of your drain lines, or in your sewer line, foul odors from the drain itself stand as a typical indicator. As food waste accumulates with the drain beneath your kitchen sink, it will eventually begin to rot. This generates methane and a generally foul odor. A clog in your sewer line will often create an even worse smell. If you detect the odor of sewage from any drain in your home, call for immediate repair. This smell indicates that your drainage has become so clogged, that sewage and other waste has backed-up the line.

Gurgling Drains: If your drains produce a gurgling noise as water or other waste flows down them, you have a clog that requires professional service. A clog can prevent the easy passage of air down the line, so it comes back up through the drain to create the gurgling sound.

Top Quality, Local Drain Plumber

At LA Plumbing Company, we offer a comprehensive solution for drain repair in Torrance, CA. Before they call for professional help, homeowners will often attempt to clear clogged drains on their own. We understand this habit, but strongly encourage potential clients to not waste their time. Conventional drain cleaning products rely on highly corrosive chemicals that can damage your pipes and increase the likelihood for future issues. These products also serve as only a temporary solution, since they merely dissolve a hole in a clog, rather than clear it completely. When you call (424) 201-0202 for service, you can count on exceptional work, long-term solutions, and affordable pricing. Reach out to us the next time you need drain repairs, and experience the difference of quality, professional service.