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Drain Cleaning Has Left the Interior of This Sewer Pipe Perfectly Clean.

Drain Cleaning Services Can Prevent a Host of Issues with Your Sewer Pipe.

The idea of regular, proactive drain cleaning has never occurred to the owners of many homes and businesses. Regular drain cleaning from our team can avert many common drainage issues. As clogs and obstructions develop and grow, they can become serious issues that damage your pipes and, through the overflow of wastewater, your home and yard. The team at LA Plumbing Company can perform both regular maintenance, and the repair of previously developed clogs.

The team at LA Plumbing Company offers a few different varieties of drain cleaning. The one we choose for your needs depends on the state of your piping, along with its width and the nature of any clogs. If you have a sewer clean-out, we can even quickly and cleanly clear blockages in your sewer line, without the need for excavation. We encourage all potential clients to consider the needs of their drain lines, even without the appearance of a troublesome clog or obstruction. If you decide to spring for proactive drain cleaning services in Torrance, CA, or need immediate help with an existing clog, give us a call today at (424) 201-0202.

The Benefits of Regular Drain Service

In most homes and business, the drains and their health elicit barely a thought. Their function, however, the continual removal of excess water and waste, is indispensable. Most of the time, drains operate perfectly well, even with a little constriction from areas narrowed through mineral or waste accumulation. The attitude of insouciance in regards to drains can change rapidly, however, with the appearance of a full-blown clog or obstruction. More than an inconvenience, clogs can quickly evolve into emergency situations, especially those located in the main sewer line. To avoid this problem, along with the repair damage it might entail, schedule drain cleaning as another requirement of regular maintenance. If you do, you will experience a host of benefits.

Bathtub Drain That Needs the Benefit of Drain Cleaning Services

Dirty or Clogged Drain Pipes Can Become a Messy Problem.

Fewer Clogs: Clogs cover a broad spectrum of severity, from a minor issue with your kitchen sink, to the major problems created through blocked sewer lines. Blockages can develop from many sources, from buildups of soap scum, to food waste or foreign objects like baby wipes, to the intrusion of tree roots. Preemptive drain cleaning services from our team can not only flush these materials before they create a total clog, but also identify problematic areas in your piping predisposed to clogs.

Less Sluggish Drains: Many people simply deal with sluggish drains. They allow water to stand in their sink or tub before it slowly drains away, and consider the expense or effort of drain cleaning not worth the trouble. This represents a bad practice, however, as it can encourage a host of problems. Standing water, for example, will encourage the growth of mold or mildew, and create an unpleasant odor. Also, any sluggish drain will eventually succumb to a full blown blockage, a situation that can result in the need for costly repairs.

Reduces Odors and a Cleaner Environment: Clogged and dirty drain lines, whether your sewer or the drains located inside your home, often produce a foul odor. This can come from the remnants of rotting food, bacteria, and, if your sewer line, actual human waste. As dirty drains get dirtier, these odors will become more prevalent. To encourage a cleaner, better-smelling home or office environment, regular drain cleaning is vital. Poor drainage, especially that associated with your sewer line, can also result in leakage. When you sewer line begins to leak into your yard, you will not only deal with strong odors, but also unsanitary conditions. Exposure to sewage can make you sick, while its existence in your yard will serve to attract rodents and other pests.

Our Plumbing Drain Cleaning Services

At LA Plumbing Company, we offer three standard varieties of non-invasive drain cleaning techniques. These include:

  • Snaking
  • Rodding
  • Drain Jetting
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When it comes to drain cleaning in the home, we will typically use a drain snake. An affordable and effective method of drain cleaning, snakes are preferred by many contractors and homeowners alike. Ineffectiveness in larger pipes, such as sewer lines, and the inability to totally clear certain clogs represent the only drawbacks of a drain snake. An alternative method, rodding, provides for the more comprehensive cleaning of a clogged pipe. Rodding can be performed by hand or machine, and consists of a flexible, jointed rod that is pushed through the line to clear blockages. An attachment head with razor-sharp teeth, chosen to fit the exact width of your problematic line, attaches to the end of the rod. Rodding will completely obliterate almost any obstruction, the debris from which gets removed through the subsequent flushing of the pipe.

Another popular method of residential sewer cleaning is drain jetting. This involves the use of specialized equipment that sends a highly pressurized jet of water through a pipe. This jet will blast through almost any blockage or obstruction, and furthermore wash the remnant materials down your line and into the municipal sewer. As overall drain professionals, we offer all of these preceding drain cleaning services, along with a couple of other practices for improved drain function.

  • Drain Clog Removal Regardless of the size or extent of your drain clog, we have the tools and experience to render a solution.
  • Drain Repair If you deal with leaky drains, or drain piping predisposed to clogs, call our team for help.

Your Local Drain Cleaning Company

At LA Plumbing Company, we’re your local solution for drain cleaning services in Torrance, CA. We have the tools, experience, and personnel to not only perform exceptional drain cleaning, but also repair and flush clogs, and fix problematic piping. If you have a drainage issue, whether with your interior plumbing or an exterior sewer line, we’re the team to call for fast, professional service. To learn more or schedule work, give us a call today at (424) 201-0202.