Gas Line Repair in Torrance, CA

Pipe Marked as Gas in Need of Gas Line Repair.

A Gas Leak Will Necessitate Immediate Gas Line Repair.

Natural gas line repair from the professionals at LA Plumbing Company can help ensure your safety and the continued functionality of your gas-powered appliances. When you contact us for a job as important as this, you can count on a rapid response from a certified natural gas plumber. Your choice for gas line repair requires a lot of trust, as the consequences of shoddy or amateur work are extreme. We appreciate the faith our clients have in our abilities and work ethic, and we return that investment through attentive, expert service that leaves your gas line as good as new. Natural gas stands as a remarkable fuel, one that can work wonders through its use with important appliances. A gas water heater, for example, can heat water twice as fast as an electric unit. In most places, gas also costs less than electricity, and is more sustainable and less polluting than any other fossil fuel.

As important as these factors are, they mean nothing if your gas line has a leak. One drawback of natural gas, the danger of its inhalation, rarely matters, thanks to appliance safety features and the dependability of modern parts components. Gas leaks do occasionally occur, however, and create an immediate need for repair from an expert gas plumber. Should this need ever arise in your own home, leave the residence and call (424) 201-0202 for help. The team at LA Plumbing Company is the leading source for natural gas line repair in Torrance, CA, and treats this issue as a plumbing emergency.

Signs You Need Gas Line Repair

One of the requirements of gas line ownership, the need for awareness in regards to repair needs, has meaningful consequences for your health. This means you must stay aware of the signs for gas line repair, leave your home should they appear, and call our team for immediate service. 

Sensory Indicators

Woman Suffering in a House That Needs Gas Line Repair.

Nausea, Dizziness, Blurred Vision, and/or Headaches May Signal Gas Exposure.

Though naturally odorless, natural gas has an additive, the chemical mercaptan, that endows it with a rotten smell. The purpose of this is to provide a sensory signal that anyone can detect  in the event of a gas leak. Should you ever notice the odor of rotten eggs in or around your home, you probably have a leaking gas line. Gas leaks are also audible, as the gas will make a thin, hissing sound as it escapes your line. Furthermore, natural gas exposure has physical consequences. If you ever feel inexplicably nauseous, dizzy, or tired in an area with a natural gas line, a leak provides for  a ready explanation.

Other Indicators

Natural gas can also have a negative impact on other forms of life. If any houseplants or outdoor vegetation is located near a leaking gas line, the greenery will wither and die. If there exists a window near a leaking gas line, you may notice a greater amount of condensation on the glass. One final indicator of a gas leak is a higher energy bill.

What Causes Gas Line Leaks?

Gas leaks never appear at a convenient time, as they necessitate an immediate response. In order to prevent the occurrence of a gas leak altogether, you must familiarize yourself with the various causes. Once you understand what leads to gas leaks, you can take the necessary steps to secure your home.

Appliance Connections: Deterioration to the seals around gas line connections represents a common cause of gas leaks. This can happen in regards to any common gas appliance, and will necessitate stove, dryer, fireplace, or water heater repair.

Damaged Pipes: Gas lines themselves become vulnerable to damage, especially as they age. If you have an old house and suspect a gas leak, the cause may exist in corroded or disconnected pipes.

Poor Ventilation: Carbon dioxide will naturally generate as a byproduct of gas heating. Normally, vents and/or a chimney should provide the ventilation a home needs to avoid a carbon dioxide build-up. Should these ventilation sources become blocked or obstructed, a build-up of carbon dioxide can create symptoms similar to natural gas exposure.

The Effects of Natural Gas Exposure

Natural gas acts as a poison because it displaces oxygen from the air. This function as an asphyxiant will leave your body with less oxygen than it needs. Should you experience any of the following symptoms in your home, leave immediately and breathe fresh air.

  • Decreased Vision
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Consciousness

As anything burns, including natural gas, carbon monoxide becomes a byproduct. Highly dangerous, carbon monoxide can poison someone much faster than carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide is also completely odorless, a trait that makes it even more dangerous than natural gas. If you employ natural gas in your home, you absolutely need a carbon monoxide detector. Though appliances have safety features that vent carbon monoxide properly, you’ll never know if they fail unless you have an in-home detector.

Call Our Team for Immediate Service

Our team takes natural gas line repair seriously. We understand that exposure to this gas has serious consequences, and we treat gas line repair jobs as a top priority. Should you experience any of the symptoms described above, leave your home immediately and call (424) 201-0202 for assistance. When it comes to gas line repair in Torrance, CA, LA Plumbing Company stands as the natural gas plumber to trust.