What Are the Most Common Threats to Plumbing?

An Illustration of Plumbing Problems via a Burst Pipe.

Leaking Pipes Are Among the Worst Plumbing Problems.

If you own a home or business, every aspect of the structure holds value as an investment. Whether it’s your roof or HVAC system, these often expensive components deserve the benefit of regular maintenance, inspections, and repair. Your plumbing is no different in this regard, and has the added importance of its indispensable function. Pipes left ignored can develop serious plumbing problems, and even deteriorate to leave you holding the bag on expensive repairs. To prevent this kind of crisis, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the most common threats your plumbing faces. In this way, you can contribute to their prevention, whether through a change in personal behavior, or the scheduling of preemptive service. For help with any plumbing problems in Torrance, CA, call (424) 201-0202 today for the experts at LA Plumbing Company.

The Most Common Plumbing Problems

There exist many hazards that contribute to plumbing problems. While some of them, including slab leaks from shifting soil, are inherently unavoidable, others can be averted through simple changes in behavior. If you stay aware of these issues and do what you can to prevent them, you’ll extend the life of your piping and save yourself the burden of expensive repairs. When it comes to plumbing, an ounce of prevention is most certainly worth a pound of cure.

Leaking Pipes

A leaking pipe is a serious issue. This common plumbing threat not only wastes water, but can drive up your monthly bills, damage your home, encourage the growth of mold, and lure pests. Many things can lead to leaking pipes, from frigid weather and shifts in the soil, to high water pressure and general deterioration. While it makes sense to fear serious leaks, the pinhole variety are actually more troublesome. The reason for this comes from their tendency to pass unnoticed, all while steadily doing damage and upping the eventual cost of repairs.

It’s impossible to completely prevent pipe leaks, since most of the causes exist outside of your control. Your best bet to avert these issues is to hire a plumber for an annual inspection. A skilled, attentive professional can not only locate existing leaks, but identify areas where they may develop for preventative maintenance.

Clogged Pipes

A clogged or obstructed pipe, especially your sewer line, represents one of the most problematic plumbing issues you can encounter. Much more than a simple annoyance, clogs can worsen until wastewater and sewage back up your drains. Most homeowners fail to realize that clogs can also burst pipes, thanks to pressure increases. The most common reason for a clogged pipe is the disposal of inappropriate items down your drains. For the toilet, these include feminine products, wet wipes, paper towels, cotton swabs, dental floss, and more. As for your sinks, the kitchen drain is also a common contributor to clogs, thanks to the disposal of oil or cooking grease.

Unlike leaking pipes, you can absolutely do your part to prevent clogs. Simply review a list of non-disposable items, and you’ll save yourself the stress and inconvenience of a clog, in addition to its repair costs.

Backed Up Garbage Disposal

Though related to the issue of clogged pipes, a backed up garbage disposal is its own problem. Backed up disposals typically occur through the use of the device as a trashcan. Though many homeowners fail to realize this, you cannot simply dump whatever you want into the disposal. As a matter of fact, many food items can actually contribute to its impairment. These include stringy vegetables like celery, starches like potatoes and pasta, fruit pits, cooking oil and grease, and more.

To prevent a backed up disposal, simply resist the temptation to use it however your please. As a side-note: egg shells are most definitely not okay to put down a disposal, notwithstanding the incorrect belief that they somehow sharpen the blades.

Frozen Pipes

Another Common Illustration of Plumbing Problems, a Burst Copper Pipe.

As Water Freezes, It Expands to Bust Pipes.

Frigid weather represents the most common reason for burst pipes. Unless purposely drained, your water pipes remain full of water, even when not in use. As trapped water freezes and turns to ice, it will expand. Eventually, this expansion will burst a pipe. The pipes most vulnerable to this are those that exist outside of your home. Pipes inside your home receive the benefit of a heated climate, and so will generally never freeze.

To prevent frozen pipes, one method is to turn off your water and run a tap until all moisture vacates the system. You can also insulate your pipes, an easy task that most homeowners can accomplish on their own.

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