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Timely Repair and Lasting Relief

In the middle of a stressful plumbing crisis, should you prioritize fast service or lasting results? At the LA Plumbing Company in Redondo Beach, CA, we don’t think you should have to choose one or the other. That’s why our seasoned plumbing professionals work so hard to provide prompt relief for all of our clients.

All that effort is paying off; our team provides faster relief than ever before! Are you facing a plumbing breakdown in your home or business? Contact our courteous, local experts at (424) 201-0202 to arrange your service! You’ll quickly see why so many families and companies choose us as their go-to plumbing company.

Residential & Commercial Plumbing

We serve all sorts of businesses and residences at the LA Plumbing Company. However, each of our services is carefully tailored to meet your specific needs. That’s why our plumbers can craft such long-term solutions for each of our clients (and why they keep coming to us for help over the years).

Below, you’ll find some of the most frequently requested services our team provides in your local community. If you’re worried about a potential malfunction in your system, call our Redondo Beach, CA plumbing company at (424) 201-0202 and schedule your personal service appointment! Feel free to ask our experts any questions you may have.

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning and Clog Removal

When internal pipe pressure rises as a result of a clog, that building force has to escape somewhere. For the worst clogs, that pressure forces its way outward, cracking the pipe and causing a bothersome leak. Thankfully, timely drain cleaning can prevent your drain system (including your primary sewer line) from rupturing and necessitating repair.

At the LA Plumbing Company, we provide helpful services for eliminating the food, hygiene products, hair, oils, and other sludges that like to congest your pipes. We don’t just punch a makeshift hole inside the grime. Our hydro-jetting service completely wipes away even the toughest blockages inside your drain line, including the oils clinging to the side of the pipes. This ensures that clogs won’t immediately reform in the next few months.

Proper drain cleaning also paves the way for crucial repairs. When roots, clogs, or shifting ground rupture your sewer line, we often begin by hydro-jetting the line to allow closer inspection. That way, we can identify crucial damages and determine which solution provides the best value for your family or business.


24 Hour, 7 Day Emergency Plumbing Relief

When you find yourself in the middle of a plumbing emergency, you need a company that not only picks up the phone but provides prompt service. At the LA Plumbing Company, we strive to supply all our clients with quick repair and lasting results. That’s why we offer 24 hour, 7 days a week service for all your plumbing emergencies.

The next time a late-night crisis or a Saturday morning struggle hits your property, call our local experts at (424) 201-0202 to get your relief! Some emergencies simply can’t wait. If you’re wondering whether or not to ask for help, consider these three questions.

  • Does waiting put family or customers in danger?
  • Is finding relief worth calling for after-hours service?
  • Is your property in danger of further damage if you don’t call right away?

If you can answer “Yes.” for any of these questions, contact our plumbing company in Hermosa Beach, CA! We’ll get started on your repairs in no time.

Plumbing Repair

Professional Plumbing Repair Services

Have you ever seen a plumber rush through repairs, only to leave unfinished business behind? Our seasoned, trusted professionals at the LA Plumbing Company understand that you never have to choose us for your service. We have to earn that privilege.

That’s why we take our time to find and treat the cause of your plumbing problems, not just the symptoms. When you call our Hermosa Beach, CA plumbing company, you can expect courteous service and lasting results! Our repair solutions cover your entire plumbing system, so feel free to contact us anytime.


Sectional & Whole House Repiping

Do your pipes tend to break very often? While many homeowners and businesses don’t think about it, every plumbing system comes with an expected lifetime. For copper pipes, that might be 50 years or more. For others, you might not have quite as long. New homeowners with older homes sometimes run into this conundrum.

Do you continue repairing the damage as it pops up and put your home at risk of water damage? Or, do you invest in a completely new but healthy piping system? Severely rusted pipes may spread the corrosion to your water appliances. Your budget may be the deciding factor in this hot debate, which is why it pays to plan ahead! Whatever course of action you choose, our team will be there to support you.

Expert Gas Line Repair

Have you ever noticed a strange smell coming from your gas appliances and pipes? If you detect the scent of rotten eggs or sulfur, you may need to call the plumber (and your gas company) immediately! While normally odorless, natural gas is often laced with that potent smell by your local utility company.

Believe it or not, that smell saves lives every year! Natural gas interferes with your lungs ability to take in oxygen. When inhaled, the fuel produces a series of flu-like symptoms including:

  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Headaches
  • Difficulty Breathing

Extensive exposure can even lead to suffocation. Add the combustive nature of natural gas, and you can see why homeowners are so eager to find quick repairs for their leaky gas lines. If you suspect a leak inside your home or business, contact our plumbing company in Hermosa Beach, CA immediately at (424) 201-0202 and ask for repairs!

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Many consider the water heater to be the most important appliance in the plumbing system. That’s no surprise, considering the impact your water heater has on daily comfort and productivity. However, there’s always a risk to keeping a massive tank filled with 50 gallons of water (or more) inside your home. Potential leaks can be sudden and dramatic, damaging walls, floors, and even electrical equipment.

That’s why consistent maintenance and timely repair play a huge role in the safety of your water heater! At LA Plumbing Company, our professionals work with many different brands, models, sizes, and categories of water heating equipment. When we service your appliance, expect cost-effective solutions and lasting results from our repairs. If need be, our insightful plumbers can team up with your family to find the perfect water heater replacement for your home.

For Additional Service Information

  • Emergency Plumbing Need immediate service for your home or business? Contact the LA Plumbing Company team for 24 hour repair service!
  • Faucet Repair Find a lasting solution for your leaky or busted faucet. Call our local experts and schedule your repairs or replacement.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair The disposal faces all kinds of gunk over the years. We’ll make sure that your system is ready to get back to work!
  • Leaking Pipe Repair Leaky pipes may seam like a small problem, until they start spilling everywhere! Ensure your pipes get the professional care they deserve.
  • Sewer Line Repair Is your sewer line emitting some unpleasant puddles in the yard? Get a thorough cleaning and cost-effective repairs for your drain pipe!
  • Slab Leak Repair One of the worst situations any home or business owner can find themselves in is a slab leak. You can trust us though for reliable service.
  • Toilet Repair & Replacement When you need your toilet(s) repaired, make sure you rely on a trusted professional for the job! You’ll see why so many people choose us.
  • Trenchless Main Line Repair Trenchless repair methods allow homeowners to avoid unpleasant digging through the yard. Protect your property from pooling water.
  • Repiping Trading out those worn, weary pipes can save you big time in the long run. Make sure your ripiping project is completed by an expert!
  • Drain Cleaning Services Concerned about slow draining and pent up pressure inside your clogged pipes? Call and schedule drain cleaning today!
  • Water Heater Repair Whether your need to repair or replace your water heating system, our experts will be happy to help you.
  • Gas Line Repair Leaky gas lines represent a significant risk to your home and family. Contact our repair experts for prompt service if you suspect a leak.
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