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Fast, Reliable Plumbing Services

When your family or business faces the next plumbing crisis to come along, who do you want on your side to provide relief: a hasty, fly-by-night service or a proven plumbing professional? With the LA Plumbing Company, you don’t have to choose between prompt results and lasting relief. Our professionals come equipped with the latest tools of the trade and years of experience!

Whether you face blocked drains, whole house repiping, busted appliances, or even a late night pipe rupture, we’re here to help! Contact our plumbing company in Long Beach, CA at anytime, and you can expect prompt service and professional care. Call us today at (424) 201-0202 to arrange a visit for your home or business!

Residential & Commercial Plumbing

How can we serve you today? At LA Plumbing Company, we provide cost-effective solutions for families and businesses alike! We tackle everything from that small busted pipe under the kitchen sink, to large water heater replacements. That includes repairs, installations, replacements, and maintenance.

Of course, most people call our Long Beach, CA plumbing company when they’re in the middle of a problem. That’s okay! The detailed inspections our seasoned experts provide enable us to get down beneath the surface of a problem and discover the underlying causes. That’s why our repairs provide such long-term relief for our customers. If you need to schedule a checkup for your home or business, call us anytime at (424) 201-0202!

Drain Services

Clogged Drain Cleaning & Repair

Sometimes a clogged drain is more than a clogged drain. What does that mean? As hair, food, hygienic products, gels, oils, and your basic sludge build up inside your pipes, the rising pressure places an immense strain on the drain walls. Eventually, pipes simply can’t handle the pressure and give out.

That’s why our knowledgeable professionals continually urge homeowners to protect their drain lines and watch what goes down the toilet. We’ve handled a lot of pipes that burst as a result of “flushables” that weren’t so flushable. Through our incredibly effective drain cleaning services, our experts completely remove the blockages inside your pipes.

Even the small layer of oils – this is the foundation of future clogs – doesn’t stand up against our hydro-jetting service. We can even wipe out tree roots (one of the most difficult sources of clogs) that penetrate the main drain line! If clogs manage to damage your pipes, our plumbers also provide affordable means of repairing or replacing them.


Sectional Repiping & Whole House Repiping

Did you know that your plumbing system actually comes with an expiration date? You won’t find it buried beneath the floors inside on of the pipes, but plumbing materials do have an expected lifetime. For instance, copper pipes may last 50 years or more without needing to be replaced. Just like any appliance inside your home, the closer your pipes get towards the end of their average lifespan, the more likely they are to develop leaks and require repair.

Even if your plumbing experiences an occasional breakdown, you can expect the majority of your system to last for quite some time. Should your property regularly suffer from pipe ruptures and rusting, there’s a good chance your system is nearing the end of its lifetime. Try to determine how long ago your plumbing was installed.

Is repiping really the ideal solution for your home? That depends on your repair costs and personal budget. Our seasoned plumbers would be more than happy to provide you with a repiping estimate, which you can compare to repair costs from the last few years. When the time comes, our Long Beach, CA plumbing company will be here to provide your repiping service!

Plumbing Repair

Expert Plumbing Repair Services

When you call for a professional plumber to come to your house or business, what sort of qualities do you expect to see? If you’re thinking punctuality, courtesy, insightfulness, and attention-to-detail, you’ve come to the right plumbing company! At the LA Plumbing Company, we strive to connect local homeowners and businesses with the tailored, cost-effective services they need the most.

We take as much time as needed to make sure you get the relief you deserve! That’s why people continue to come back to us for all their plumbing repairs, and why you can expect lasting results.


Emergency, 24/7 Repair Professionals

How soon is “soon enough“? At LA Plumbing Company, we don’t think you should have to wait the whole weekend or even a single night for emergency repairs. That’s why we maintain an on-call plumber 24 hours a day, seven days every week. After all, what good are plumbing repair experts if you can never get a hold of them?!

Some homeowners (and business managers) struggle to decide whether or not a situation calls for repairs. Our advice is simple: if waiting puts your property at risk of further damages, don’t wait! Call us immediately at (424) 201-0202 and ask for emergency plumbing repair.

Gas Line Repairs

Did you know that gas companies actually add that horrible stench to your natural gas supply? Believe it or not, that smell saves lives every year. When gas lines develop a leak in the pipes, hoses, or appliance connections, that leak creates a very real threat to your home or business.

You see, natural gas acts similarly to carbon monoxide. When inhaled, it prevents your lungs from collecting oxygen, producing symptoms that look very much like the flu. Shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and weakness all indicate something has gone terribly wrong. Prolonged exposure can even cause suffocation, so make sure to react quickly if you notice that tell-tale smell of rotten eggs or sulfur.

If you suspect a leak inside your home or business, contact our plumbing company in Long Beach, CA as soon as possible. Call (424) 201-0202 and ask for gas line repair. Your personal plumber will walk you through your next steps and make sure your family, customers, and/or employees are safe.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

While other appliances have a more visible impact on your day to day activities, there’s no denying the essential role your water heater plays in your quality of life. Warm showers and baths, plus key cleaning activities all depend on a functioning water heater. When it does break down, an unexpected cold shower is the least of your concerns!

Whatever type of water heater your home or business depends on, come to the seasoned team at the LA Plumbing Company for prompt repairs. Our careful inspections allow us to pinpoint the cause(s) of heater malfunction. As a result, our repair service provides lasting results for our clients. To learn more about water heater repair or replacement, talk with a local expert!

For Further Information

  • Emergency Plumbing Have you fond yourself in the middle of a plumbing emergency? Call our team anytime for prompt service!
  • Faucet Repair Faucet leaks may seem like a minor problem, but even small problems can get out of hand! Ask for your professional repairs.
  • Garbage Disposal Repair Nothing keeps your kitchen pipes healthy like a functioning garbage disposal, and nobody provides tailored repair services like us!
  • Leaking Pipe Repair Leaking pipes can pop up anywhere in the house. The key quality repair results is to find the underlying cause behind the damage.
  • Sewer Line Repair Worried about a smelly leak in your sewer line? Talk with our experts about inspecting the drain pipes and performing repairs.
  • Slab Leak Repair Slab leaks are no joke. Keep your foundation (and the rest of your home) safe by calling our team and starting repairs ASAP.
  • Toilet Repair & Replacement Nothing stops your day in its tracks like a clogged or busted toilet! Our plumbers will help you get it up and running again.
  • Trenchless Main Line Repair If you hate the idea of digging up your yard for repairs, why not see if your home qualifies for trenchless main line repair?
  • Repiping Repiping may be a large, crucial project, but our seasoned professionals will help you walk through it, step by step.
  • Drain Cleaning Services Proper drain cleaning prevents your pipes from rupturing unexpectedly. Ask about our professional hydro-jetting service!
  • Water Heater Repair Nothing beats a hot shower at the end of a busy work day. Make sure your water heater continues to function with timely repairs!
  • Gas Line Repair A gas leak poses a risk to your family and your entire property. Call our team immediately if you suspect gas line damage!
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