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Gas leaks can occur in many places around the inside and outside the home.

One of the most common places for a gas leak to occur in the home is at the old shut off’s, 90 degree angle, supply hoses and couplings and so fourth. These fittings are installed with a sealant and over time this sealant becomes dry and starts to crack. This location is where most gas leaks come from. Also gas leaks come from corrosion of gas piping that is not properly protected from the elements.

Who will repair my gas leak?

LA Plumbing Company plumbers and the gas company will make repairs to gas pipes. The gas companies will manage leaks on their side of the gas meter and the customer will be responsible for leaks on there side of the gas meter. In most cases, if you are smelling gas in your house than a plumber will make the repair.

When  LA Plumbing Company professional plumber arrives at your home, we will start to ask a few questions to determine where the gas leak could be.. If you have a large gas leak, the gas companies will shut off the gas immediately. LA Plumbing Company will perform a proper leak test This will include pressurizing the gas pipe with air, Spraying soap on all exposed fittings, isolating gas pipes, accessing gas pipes in the wall and excavating gas pipes underground.

When LA Plumbing Company finds the leaks location, we will be able to give you a Free, Honest, Fair. No Obligation Estimate. With a time frame to have your gas re-connected.

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